Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a photograph does

Stumbling upon photos taken a few months ago makes me pause and give thought to the feeling of that moment in time. 
It was a warm summer day, Eli had turned one only shortly before...the sunshine that day was to be remembered. After a day of playing outside on our grassy front lawn... I gave him a bath, then rubbed him with lotion that made him smell something of baby powder, chamomile and lavender. 

I was snuggling him close, smelling his smells and relishing his glowy, perfect skin, contemplating the day that had made such an impression on us all. 

It's this that I love most about photography; capturing moments that would otherwise be lost to all but my memory. I would have a harder time remembering the feelings that this photo evokes.


  1. that's a great picture and shows a lot of emotion ! :] i have to take pics of everything because my memory is so bad.

    1. Thank you for following:) and I too take pics for that reason!

  2. so adorable!! thats why i love photography so much too!!


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