Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birds Of Prey

I have always been sort of obsessed with capturing birds of prey.
They're majestic and independent.
Everything about them is larger than life.
Their wingspan, beaks, talons...nests.

Whenever I spot one soaring in the sky while driving, I almost veer off the road to capture it..but then within the seconds it took to get my camera out of its case---
It's caught the wind and funneled upwards. Sometimes I get lucky, most times not.

I see lots of hawks, just VERY rarely eagles, although the population seems to be improving since there have been lots of sightings.
After church last Sunday, I spotted and captured what I believed originally to be a really really large hawk. I was too far away even for my lens to get a clear, crisp capture...but I managed to have enough detail to realize that it could possibly have been an eagle...but I am not sure. I am unsure if it is a juvenile Bald Eagle or in fact a Golden Eagle...or just a really really big hawk.
What do You think???

Excuse the major zoom and sharpening editing done to bring out more detail (since I was SO far away)...
The second picture I was very close to and this guy was so much smaller than the other guy I saw. So I am leaning towards eagle...but who knows?!
I've got to get a 300mm plus lens. I took this with 55-250mm Canon Lens.

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  1. i never saw cool birds like that up there ! :] you are lucky !


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