Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding 6-13-14

I had the pleasure of photographing a young couple two days in a row. First for their courthouse wedding vows, accompanied by closest friends and family, and the second day for their reception.

It was an intimate wedding and the closeness and importance of family shone through in every detail. Before even worrying about their own photos, they wanted to make sure their family was included. It was the brunt of their gallery, which I chose not to share for their privacy. 

Her mother and his mother were in the kitchen helping prepare the food for a banquet style event, with everything from tacos to different kinds of pasta. I took a moment to fuel up and enjoyed the tastes they so thoughtfully prepared.

We snuck off prior to take some photos while there was still light. There was a sense of shyness at first, but much to my delight, they let me capture what they so obviously felt, love.

It was sweet to witness such a lovely couple take their vows, and then to capture keepsakes of their special day. I chose to share a select few of my favorites.

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