Sunday, July 27, 2014

Villarreal Family 2014

I had the joy of photographing this beautiful family right on the lake shore path which made for a great backdrop. I use this location time and time again, one because I know it well so there aren't a lot of surprises with lighting and scenery, but also because it tends to make families comfortable. Along the way there is lots of places to stop to rest up, making for lots of impromptu photos. And once the location is reached there's the perfect little wooden swing and I love using it as a prop. They did a phenomenal job. I loved that the sky was a bit overcast that day (in fact we were getting rained on in the beginning) and it made for a perfect natural reflector, bringing out the glint in their eyes and highlighting just the right places on their faces. Editing was a breeze and when the situations are lined up that is what every photog hopes for.

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