Family & Inspiration

Family is what inspires me most. I love capturing them more than anything! When I started I had no vision of it turning into something more; I simply found joy in capturing moments and over time realized that I had a special knack. After my son, Eli was born, I fell in love with it even more and put my passions into a business.

I now have two sons, Eli and Owen (who was born in August 2013) and I do my best to balance the demands of motherhood as well as this passion of mine. While it has taken a bit of a back seat, I still aim to keep it there for the time when I can dedicate even more to it. They've shown me life's moments are fleeting and it's important to have a keepsake in time to remember those special milestones. While I capture families primarily, I love doing it all and there isn't anything I won't try or refuse.

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