Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Group Shot

A Few weeks back I booked a rather large shoot for a group of 100 people through a friend I met at a park. Her boys were playing with my son (I was pregnant with my second, Owen) and we found we had a lot in common, including both being photographers.

A year passed after exchanging phone numbers and she called me to tell me that she had a job offered to her but wasn't able to take so she recommended me. It was an awe moment.  A woman I met a year ago who didn't know me very well besides that one day at the park and she was offering me her gig?!

I must say it was refreshing to have that kind of support from a woman and photog. These days it feels like everything is a competition and it revives me knowing there is that kind of looking out still out there.

It was a fast shoot since they had done this before and knew the time, location, how to position themselves, etc.

I used a wide angle lens to get them all in the shot, while standing on a ladder on a steep slope! Haha! Whatever it takes right?!

And it was for a woman's wrestling camp for none other than Marcie Van Dusen wrestling champ (she went to the olympics!) that teaches and inspires young girls in fitness and beyond. Very noble.

Also neat, she went to highschool and wrestled with my older brother.

The greatest challenge of this shoot was the prints that they desired and in two days! I had to have 100 8x12's professionally printed and ready by the time they left camp...and you know what? I had them done the following day, not even 24hrs after I snapped it. I patted myself on the back there!

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