Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sam and Cory's Engagement

Sam and Cory's engagement took place in the beautiful mountains of Big Bear, Ca. It was the perfect serene setting for the vision they had for their shoot. Samantha was quite planned out and spent the last few months telling me what she had in mind. I felt proud that I could deliver and we also created something unique for just them.

This session was about the details. I wanted lots of texture and interest. I wanted a dreamy quality and glowiness. We couldn't have asked for a better setting that day. The clouds were right, the light was golden and they looked amazing!

The old house with three walls and beautiful architecture came last minute per the recommendation of a friend who goes jogging nearby and knew what I was looking for. Bride to be wanted something different, like a barn but in my opinion this one upped it a bit!

We went to four locations in Big Bear and shot for about 3 hours right up until sundown. It was the perfect end to a very successful day. Cory and Sam were more than cooperative and kept doing exactly what was needed to pull out great shots. Always, it starts with the subject and they didn't disappoint.

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