Friday, October 5, 2012

A Photographer's List

So, I am still fairly new at this professional photography...
I mean...starting a business and making an income from it...
But in that short time I have learned a few things...

1) It isn't easy to juggle the business side with the artistic..
2) Taking of photos of other's (outside of my own) is not easy either...
3)There are definitely some learning curves!

While, I will surely get better and better as time goes learning to juggle things, learning how to "pose" subjects for photos and remember small details while capturing (like making sure my f-stop gets changed!)...

There are some things that clients could do to help me out too.

Here is my short little list.

1) Dress complimentary, iron clothes, and comb fly aways (this little detail really changes things for me. It is less editing and the photos look better when clothing matches and looks nice...or hair isn't strewn about)

2)Parents helping and getting involved. It is very difficult to make sure settings are right and trying to get the poses right/smiles...etc. And who better to get them to cooperate than mom and dad? The last one I did the mom was fantastic. She helped count 1,2,3 and SMILE...or told them to look up, to the side 
at her...etc. I loved it!

3) Be sure to read the contract with details like pricing, what to expect with prints, etc. I have had some confusion even after I thought I had been clear. Plus, it makes me feel guilty later when something isn't understood...After all, it is a business reading helps ensure we are both happy with the end result!

Anyways, I am sure there could be more. And I wouldn't even mind hearing what I need to or photographers in general could do to make it a better experience. I just know it from my side and these things are so helpful for me!

From a recent shoot:

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  1. I never really thought of that before...but it really must feel quite different to be taking pictures of complete strangers and deciding how they ought to pose--balancing what you know will look good with the kind of poses they want...I'm glad I'm not a photographer! I prefer to just smile for the pictures! :)


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