Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Fish in A Big Pond

I had a challenging time with my last shoot.

The kids were sick, the light was not my ideal (parents couldn't do later) and later in editing, my computer suddenly refused to cooperate and stopped saving files...
And the worst part? I didn't know until later when I went to reopen them and there was nothing there.

I had to start from scratch editing them entirely.

I edited boogers, red eyes, harsh took me a good 30 mins per photo the first time, and the second time was less, but I couldn't achieve all the same looks since I forgot a lot of what I did.

I am almost ready to halt all future shoots until I get my computer more reliable and clear it out so that this never happens again...because crying at 1am over lost photos isn't something I want to experience again.

And I miss my own photos. I miss sitting with my cup of coffee and snapping my everyday...and editing on my own time constraints.

That is the hardest part, the time constraints.
I love the snapping, hate the editing, and love the reaction from happy families over their cherished keepsakes...

But, man, it is so much more different than I imagined.
Very little time snapping photos, tons of time editing, networking, ordering all just has really left me a little sad.

I think I need to make time for the reason I have always loved it so...just simple (no pressure) photography...

 In this one I edited out mom's arm and body. I replaced it with the trees and leaves by using the cloning tool. 
Best. Tool. Ever.

Do you have a business? What are your thoughts?


  1. Beautiful photo Leishell!
    Owning a business is ridiculously hard work. I'm just starting to get started, ha! And like you, I'm finding it difficult to balance everything. I think that is a constant struggle. I know many photography enthusiasts don't want to go into business, for fear they will burn out and turn a passion into a chore. It's a delicate balance. Shooting is just a small part of keeping up a business. I'm not a great business person, but I'm trying to learn my way through all the paperwork, marketing and legal stuff. It definitely takes away some of the joy at times.

    Hang in there ;)

    1. Thank you! It is a lot to get started, lots of paperwork and organizing..and then just getting yourself out there. I had a time because everyone just assumed that since I was starting (am starting) that I should be free. It's a delicate balance pleasing people and making money at it. But hopefully, I get better at it with time and it doesn't stress me out:) Good luck to you!


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