Sunday, August 12, 2012

Show & Tell | Home

"Home" is when I can kick my bare feet up, grab a good book, a cup of tea...maybe a little dessert ( lemon bar with strawberries in this case)...
And enjoy the peace and quiet of nap time, birds chirping and a summer storm rolling over.

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Paper Heart Camera


  1. I really LOVE this picture! The coloring is amazing. And yay for "nap time"...wish I could get my boys to agree on a similar schedule, though! =)

  2. that looks very comfy and relaxing ! :] i also love the lighting of it.

  3. This is an amazing shot! Great angle and composition. This would be cool inside a coffee shop.

    I also answered your question about the HDR software. (I use Photomatix btw- sorry it took so long to reply.)

    1. Thank you! I thought you did...I want to take my own and read that is the best for hdr...thanks for answering!

    2. I've been working on an HDR e-book, but haven't had much time lately. The video tutorial by Trey Ratcliff is awesome. It's 11 hours, and about $80 to $100 depending on which one you get, but I thought is was great. Hopefully I can finish my book soon since that will only be $1.99. :)

    3. Oh cool! I will totally buy it!


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