Thursday, August 23, 2012

Improving Pictures In Blogger

Lately, I have been really having issues getting my photos to look as good as they do in the editing software when I upload to blogger, and I am still trying to resolve this with facebook! 

I did a little browsing, and stumbled on this...I thought I would share for those who may have the same issues.

What happens to me is that the picture looks out of focus, or grainy...or just blah! 
Very disappointing when you spend all that time editing and trying to get it right!

The top picture is without any changes....just regular old blogger. And then the one beneath is with this formatting...

 And again, just to emphasize...

Huge difference, right?!

So, follow THIS linky and then the directions when you upload your pictures!


  1. Great tip, I bookmarked that linky; can't wait to try! Thanks a bunch for sharing :o)

  2. awesome tip! and love the cute water shots! looks like such a fun time!!

  3. Darn it seems to have been removed. :(

    1. Oh no! It was removed! Okay, here's how you do it. Go to your HTML of your post when you have uploaded a picture into it. You will see a "height" and a number and a "width" and a number...remove those, as in delete the parenthesis as well. Once you have done that, then in the same html, you will see an s/320 or any other number but with (s/#) Put a number in there that you would like your pictures to be...for instance I do s/800 for my pictures, but it just depends on your widths on your blog how big you can go. Anything above 600 should be good and you can see a difference. All you do is remove their formatted height and widths and create your own, and it improves your pictures as well as gets them bigger on your blog. Once you've changed those numbers just hit the "compose" tab and you should see your photo bigger. You can still center it or put it left or right...but the size will be what you want. Please message me if you need help! I guess I need to update this blog with the directions!


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