Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple Things Sunday | Window Seat Entertainment

If I had the day to sit in my window seat, the variety and amount of living creatures I would see would be astonishing....

I sat peacefully curled up in the window, coffee in hand, camera in the other, waiting for all my little friends to emerge from their homes all in search of the same thing...breakfast.

For a moment I pretended I was snow white or Cinderella, singing a beautiful song and they might all come to me....

but I didn't even have to...

A Chickadee has taken up on of our nest boxes. I can't wait for the babies!

I like these little guys. They are so sweet, tender and a little nervous!

Red Breasted SapSucker...

There is a pack of coyotes that come by everyday. I didn't have time to adjust my SS, so hopefully, I can get a clearer shot next time!

I love Robins...they are just so sweet. They are always on the ground hopping around, a little shy....I just love them!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

And I am grateful to our men and women who lost their lives fighting for our country so that I can sit in my window seat, drinking coffee, watching animals...
enjoying my freedoms. 


  1. oh we have coyotes too - when my kids were little I was always afraid they would come into my yard and snatch them off! (so silly I know)

    1. I am actually afraid of that too! I think it is valid:) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh wow - what a beautiful place you must live to have all that gorgeous wildlife!

  3. what incredible photos LeiShell and I am so jealous of the beauty right in your backyard! what an interesting place to live. :)

  4. And I just thought we had a variety of critters around our place! Great shots!


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