Friday, May 4, 2012


Being busy lately has really hindered my time to get out and take photos. Mostly I just have to hope that something striking happens and that the camera is handy when I see it.

 Toward the evening the sun began to burst through these trees filled with white flowers and I knew I had to capture. Sometimes it is hard to get inspired...but then God steps in and gives that inspiration I need!

On this photo I used Lightroom 4 with preset coldtone. Then I increased the shadows to make the sunburst pop. That's it. I liked the look of the picture naturally but it had a yellowy tint in the leaves more than I this edit helped the natural greens stand out better.

And just a few more to bring you into the weekend ;)


  1. Beautiful! Really love that sunburst.
    How do you like LR4? It's on my 'want' list. I currently use LR3 and love it. ;)

    1. I tried LR3's thirty day trial and loved it, so then when i went to purchase just went for the is basically the same, except a lot of the presets are condensed and I am not sure if they omitted some? But it seems very similar so far. Granted I have only had it a week! I honestly prefer to edit individually and keep pictures honest, but the presets are so awesome for when you need to get something edited quickly. Thanks for stopping by (again)! ;)

    2. Oh and I have a little camera question. My focus seems to be set to where it has everything out of focus but the center...and no matter what settings I have done to "fix" it I can seem to get it to stop creating blurry edges. I want some shots to be entirely clear ya know...maybe it needs to be serviced? What do you think?

  2. Beautiful shots huni, I to sometime find it hard to get out and take photo's with being a mummy and working and plus it won't stop raining just latley lol x x


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