Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Snow" PhotoShop Tutorial

Creating "snow" in a photo is easy and perfect for photos during this time of year. (And saves your camera from having to take it out and try and capture the authentic way.)

First Open up your photo in photoshop. Make any adjustments or edits you normally would.

1) Create Duplicate Layer
ctrl+J (win) or command+J (mac)

2) Fill this layer with Black
Edit(menu at top of screen)>Fill>Contents>Black Press OK

3)Add some Noise
Filter (menu at top of screen)>Noise>Add Noise
 Set Around 150.65 & check the box at the bottom that says Monochromatic

4) Apply Some Blurring
Filter (menu at top of screen)>Blur>Blur More

5)Reduce the amount of Noise
Image (menu at top of screen)>Adjustments>Levels
Slide the white slider to the left and the black to the right until it looks like white specks of snow on a black background.

6)Change the Blend Mode to Screen
On your layers box above your current layer (where it says normal) change that to Screen.You should now be able to see your photo from behind the black and notice white specks of snow.

7)Apply the Motion Blur Filter
Filter(menu at top of screen)>Blur>Motion Blur
Set angle around -65 and distance at 8.

8) Duplicate the Layer
With the layer 1 still selected duplicate that layer (ctrl +J) or command +J

9) Rotate the Layer 180 degrees
Edit (menu at top of screen)>Transform>Rotate 180 degrees

10) Apply Crystallize Filter
Filter(Menu at top of screen)>Pixelate>Crystallize
Set around 10-15

11)Apply Motion Blur Again
Filter(menu at top of screen)>Blur>Motion Blur
Set angle same as before(-65) and distance at 16 this time.

12)Merge Two Snow Layers Together
Layer(menu at top of screen)>merge down
You should now have your background layer and your snow layer.

13) Duplicate the Layer
Duplicate your snow layer (layer 1) ctrl+J or command+J

14)Lower opacity of Layer 1 Copy 
In your layers box lower the opacity to 35 with the layer 1 copy selected. This will help more or less of the snow to show up on your photo...adjust accordingly.

Merge your layers together (Layers>Flatten Image) and there you have it!

It is snowing right now here and I am excited to get to work on some snow edits!"

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