Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Things | Snow In April

Snow April. But instead of capturing it the way I usually see it, I went looking for it in a different way...and found this old truck. I liked the contrast and the vintage look it had.

Linking up with Simple As That for The Simple Things---
 (finding that simple thing that brought joy or a smile)...even if it is snow in April!


  1. snow is a pain but it makes pictures pretty cool. :] i like the look of the old truck pic, too !

  2. that truck is fabulous! i always expect at least one bit of snow in april, but it's been unbelievably mild here all winter. great photos.

    1. It has been mild here too, I shouldn't complain! Thank you!

  3. Great photos - I found your blog through "the simple things". I am now following you. I love your blog design, very cute!!

  4. Eww snow in April! But great shot, I love the truck :-)

  5. Wow! Awesome shots! Love that old truck ;)

  6. very very awesome call - the truck is perfect! these shots are INCREDIBLE!


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